How to make an intex for Ecoin

An intex is a special type of interactive experience capable of producing an interactive proof of work. An intex needs to be completed to produce the interactive proof. For example, if a computer game is made so that each level is an intex, then a level of the game needs to be completed to produce an interactive proof for that level.

An intex has two major parts.

  • A recorder to record in a witness user commands while engaging in an intex
  • A validator to replay the witness to check that the recorded input completes the intex


The commands that need to be recorded are the commands that change the intex state. In general, for example, in a game, the commands that are evaluated by the game engine are the commands that should be recorded in the witness. Other user commands or input, for example, for adjusting the game experience like screen resolution or sound volume levels should not be recorded in the witness.


The validator is a version of the engine that produces the intex. The validator ingests the witness and outputs true if the witness completes the intex. The witness needs to include information to replicate the intex starting state, and the validator steps through each command until the witness ends. The validator can be a stripped-down version of the engine that produces the intex. The game player does not need to see the validation process. The game assets can be removed leaving only the identical core game logic to evaluate the witness. The validator of an intex X is shared with third-parties, with any person or organization that runs a ledger copy so that the ledger copy can validate interactive proofs produced using the intex X.

The free, open source demo games show how to make an intex. We will release a reference implementation soon.

An intex validator needs to be registered with nodes in the ledger in order for the nodes to process interactive proofs of work produced by the intex. The process to register an intex validator will be released soon.

Creator reward

An interactive proof of work that is incorporated in a page in the ledger earns a reward paid in Ecoin. The creator of an intex and an associated intex validator determines the percentage of the reward that is paid to the creator (and the percentage that is paid to the contributor of the interactive proof). The creator can divide the percentage of the reward that is paid to the creator among a number of Ecoin accounts. The creator reward is determined at registration and can be changed.